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Our full hand made apparatus are made with professional tools and equipment  - using latest technology on INOX processing and final touch .
With our professional team  using  modern and technology advanced  tools our design  and construction is far more quality and stabile that other manufacturers.

Your apparatus is not just only one of many on conveyor belt  , your apparatus is made just for you with dedication and 82. years of experiance 
Specialty of hand crafting is better control of the apparatus itself , better performance later on because every apparatus is being tested in our laboratory which in the automatization building process does not exist  - lack of these testing is result poorer quality oh the apparatus itself .


Old to new

You have an old device you are about to discard and buy a new one? Do not throw it , in addition to give an old device when buying we can give you  a discount of up to 20%. ...

New generation of touch screen MPC regulation

We are proud to introduce you a brand new generation of microprocessor temperature controler from JUMO - JUMO DICON TOUCH.With more than 15 years of experience and cooperation with JUMO GmbH we can say that they are the best and the leading manufactu ...

The new device is too expensive ?

As people tend to buy used cars instead of a new one in addition to save up some money , you can also  buy a second-hand device with which you will be sure to do its job in accordance with all of the norms and regulations. In our service line th ...

Why choose Inkolab?

In addition to 82-year tradition of manufacturing and servicing of medical and laboratory apparatus and accessories, INKOLAB provides much more. In our history we have produced more than 500,000 devices and various accessories, our every devic ...